Why CA Students Failed In Exams: This question might everyone wants to know especially CA Students. That why passing percentage is very low in CA IPCC and Final, as compare to CA CPT or Foundation. Well, frankly speaking no one knows why? But I researched a lot about this question and ask to many other fellow mates.

Everyone have their own views, some says ICAI deliberately fail students, some says paper checkers are strict, and so on!

But I found more interesting thing than this. In November, 2009 only 1454 students were passed where 188502 students appeared for CA Final Exams. This was the lowest result in the history of ICAI.

Some people says it’s because Satyam Computers fraud case. But later on in 2010 Forbes India issued an article on this by asking to the President of ICAI Uttam Parkash Aggarwal at that time.

He says, “there is no any fault of ICAI in the failure of more than 90 percent students. It is because of private coaching institutes, they are working as a cancer for student’s study. They thought attending 3 to 6 months classes can pass the CA Exams, they are misleading students. Students do not even touch the material which ICAI provide. They solely depends on what their private tutors taught”.

Well, in my opinion there are some reasons why a particular student failed in CA Exams even if he or she is a topper in his or her school.

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Reason No. 1: Why CA Students Failed In Exams

First and foremost, which is also said by former president that students solely depends on the private coaching institutes. I am not saying they are bad or cancer for studies. I mean people not even touch the ICAI Material. How can one think to pass in an exam without reading from the book given by examiner. ICAI create the books, ICAI set the papers, and ICAI check the papers. So, they knows better what to publish or what is relevant for exams.

If you think study solely from the private tutor’s books can clear you CA then you have wrong information my friend. If these books are enough then why ICAI waste their time in printing study materials and practice manuals. Just think about it!

Reason No. 2: Why CA Students Failed In Exams

Second and the most famous one, studying but not effectively. Well, everyone study who is doing Chartered Accountancy. But that’s not enough to become a Chartered Accountant. You have to study constantly up to exams with concentration.

Suppose you are studying a topic and you understood the whole concept clearly. And you not touch this topic again or opens it at exam time. Then you think ohhh! I know this topic and move to next topic. Then what will happen if it is come in exam, you have two options:

Number 1: you have very sharp memory like Tony Stark(Ironman) and;

Number 2: you are not like Tony Stark?

If you are Tony Stark than no doubt you will answer that question even more beautifully. But if you are not like Tony Stark then you will skip that topic or write it wrong which make no sense!

Most of the students even me do not have sharp memory to remember things for long time, what happens at the end they do mistakes and mistakes in exams will ate your marks. So, it is better to look at everything once in 10 days (at least).

Reason No. 3: Why CA Students Failed In Exams

Poor Presentation - why CA Students Failed In Exams - Sarcastic CA

Poor Presentation Skills

Believe it or not but more then 70 percent of the students doesn’t know how to write a paper, I mean how to present a paper. And poor presentation confuses the examiner and then they create confusion in your life.

Literally, I received thousands of questions on how to write law paper I clear this problem you can also check it here:


Reason No. 4: Why CA Students Failed In Exams

Papers are hard and lengthy

This is the well known reason everybody knows. CA Final Accounts is very hard, Audit paper is too much lengthy. And whatever, you learnt in law you’ll change its meaning in exams.

No one can tackle with this situation but one thing you can do here. Increase your working speed, do practice all the time and leave the rest. Just CA CA CA.

And the 5th reason!

They are not for CA

It might hurt some people but it is true some people tried CA for many times even they are studying a lot because they are on wrong road to achieve their goals and dreams. Don’t get me wrong, but it is true like you can’t write on water. Hence, they stuck every single time even though they are working hard!

So, it’s better to understand as soon as possible which is right place for you to achieve your success. Find your passion and leave the rest!

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  1. Its true that 70-80% mistake is of student but its not possible that only 8% or 10% Students wrote true thing . there is much more luck actor then your efforts in ca.

    your answer must be true and fair as per icai its just the solution and what true and fair for answer-sheet not defined anywhere it’s judgmental thing by ICAI.

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