Steve Bannon Net Worth (House Cars Salary 2020): The Net Worth of Steve Bannon comes from his businesses and Personal Investments. Steve Bannon Net Worth has seen a hike of 15% over the past two years. Steve Bannon has a fascinating curriculum. A US Navy officer, a Goldman Sachs investment banker, a stint at an ecological project and a Hollywood film producer. While calculating the Net Worth of Steve Bannon, we have included the data updated as of this Quarter.

Steve Bannon Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth $46 Million
Investments $18 Million
Cars Owned $4 Million
Houses $6.8 Million

Steve Bannon Cars included in his Net Worth

The Car collection of Steve Bannonr is quite large. He owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by Steve Bannon include Jaguar, Range Rover, Ford etc.

Steve Bannon House Included in his Net Worth

Steve Bannon owns a best Luxury houses in upscale New York. Steve Bannon bought this House in 2005. Present value of the House around $4.7 Million.

Steve Bannon Biography

Steve Bannon Net Worth
Steve Bannon Net Worth


Steve Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, serving on the destroyerUSS Paul F. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet and stateside as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon

After his military service, Steve Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department.

When he left the company he held the position of vice president. In 1990, Steve Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media.

In the 1990s, Steve Bannon ventured into the entertainment and media industry. He became an executive producer in the Hollywood film and media industry. Bannon produced 18 films.

Steve Bannon was a founding member of the board of Breitbart News, an online far-right news, opinion and commentary website which, according to Philip Elliott and Zeke J. Miller of Time, has “pushed racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic material into the vein of the alternative right”.

On November 13, 2016, Steve Bannon was appointed chief strategist and senior counselor to President-elect Donald Trump. Steve Bannon has been married three times, all ending in divorce. He has three adult daughters.

Steve Bannon Net Worth Growth Estimate

The Net Worth and Income of Steve Bannon is expected to continue to grow at a staggering pace. For the next three years, Steve Bannon’s net worth is likely to grow by around 22%.

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