If you are reading this article then you are attending these CA Fast track classes or thinking to attend. If you are thinking then you must read this article carefully and even you are attending read it once.

Reality of CA Fast Track Classes

Well, everyone know’s how hard to crack CA exams, so, some students take normal classes as well as CA Fast track classes. It is good to learn and revise more and more to pass CA exams. But some people or some institute played with their emotions and make joke of their fear to make their own profits. I am not going to take anyone’s name. It is better to look some old students reviews or take their advise who is wrong and who is right.

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How You Read In CA Fast Track Classes

Normally, classes are for everyone but these CA Fast Track Classes are not for everyone. Because, in these classes you are not going to read everything in detail. They just taught you roughly (in summary), or I can say what written in books.

Just look at some demo videos of some teachers (I am not going take anyone’s name but you can search it on YouTube where you get famous ITSM teacher classes).

They taught you what written in books like “Negotiable Instrument includes cheque, bills of exchange, and promissory note”, they repeat this line orally as same as in books. So, what’s new here and what thing you understand.

Advantages Of CA Fast Track Classes

  • They gives you an overview of important topics for exams
  • It can helps you to learn fastly
  • It can update you from the latest amendments
  • Only good for those you uses to study at their home rather than attending normal classes


  • All things are taught you in summary
  • Not good for who attend normal classes (it’s a waste of money)
  • Not good for who have not study a single page of syllabus at their home or in normal classes

Who Can Attend these CA Fast Track Classes

Frankly speaking, NO ONE. But one can opt who studies at their home rather than attending normal classes. Because you already read all things at your home whether they are important or not for exams.

These classes can enhance you confidence, gives you an overview which is most important topic for exams rather than learning everything. It reduce your work load and gives you a right path to walk. You can update yourself from the latest amendments.

Who Should Not Attend These CA Fast Track Classes

Who already attend normal classes because these Fast Track classes are nothing as I stated above. Not everyone can read faster as they taught in their classes, even I tried this but failed to understand because they were too fast. Only one thing I learn and learned from these classes that they just read as usual from the books and student repeat them.

So, Decision is yours, you are the person and you have to invest or waste your money. If you any suggestion or query then feel free to ask in comments, I’ll be more than happy to help you there!

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