Finally, ICAI introduced the open book examination system in CA Final. At least they started this.

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The News

Open Book Examination System In CA Final has been introduced by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India) on August 3rd, 2018. Currently, open book examination system is only available for CA Final in Elective Paper that is paper number 6.

This open book system is applicable from this November 2018 onwards.

It is applicable on all subjects that are covered in elective paper. CA Final Open Book Paper (subjects):

  • Global Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Taxation
  • Financial Services & Capital Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Economic Laws
  • Multidisciplinary Case Study

Open book examination in CA Final is applicable to all elective subjects that are mentioned above.

Points to be noted for Open Book Exam System In CA Final

Students are allowed to bring their own study material in the examination hall. You can only bring those study material which is provided by ICAI during registration including study materials, practice manual, revisionary test papers supplied by ICAI, textbooks, bare Acts, notes by students or any other reference material.

Students are not allowed to bring their mobile phones, IPads, or any other electronic device to refer them as study material into the examination hall.

Students are not allowed to exchange their study materials amongst other students inside the examination hall.

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How Open Book Examination System Works

Well, the name cleared everything, the students are allowed to bring their own study materials limited to provided by ICAI at the time of registration.

You can ACTUALLY open your book in the examination hall to answer the question. So, teachers can’t stop you from opening the book. (Literally, my dream when I was in School).

What ICAI Says About Open Book Examination System In CA Final

Re: Open book exam in the elective subjects of Paper 6 of Final (New) course

ICAI had introduced elective subjects in Paper 6 in the CA Final (New) course exam from May 2018 exam and onwards, which is being held on open book methodology.
In this regard, it is hereby clarified that it has been decided as follows in respect of Paper 6 Electives- of Final (New) course exam:

  • Candidates will be permitted to bring their own material to the exam hall and consult them for answering the questions in the exam. Such material may include study materials, practice manuals, revisionary test papers supplied by ICAI, textbooks, bare Acts, notes by students or any other reference material.
  • Candidates will not be permitted to bring mobile phones, I pads, or any other electronic devices into the exam hall.
  • Exchange of any material amongst candidates will not be permitted inside the examination hall/room.

The abovementioned procedure will be effective from the Final(New) examination to be held from November 2018 and onwards.

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Read this Open Book Examination System In CA Final news from ICAI Website.

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