Sure will hear a little strange, that how a person quit his job at Google just to sell Samosas, but this is the truth. Yes, this is true, Munaf Kapadia left his high salary package job at Google just to sell samosas.

The discussion does not end here, he sells samosas like that his company reached the Rs. 50 lakh yearly turnover.

Munaf Kapadia left his well-paying job at Google just to sell samosas. Even though people called him mad but when they know, that his company reached the turnover of Rs. 50 lakh in the first year, then people need to change their opinion.

Munaf Kapadia

Doing job at Google after some years he thought that he can do better than this. Then he returned home with a business idea of a restaurant.

If you ask an IT person which is your dream job than he definitely says Google. In the job at Google means to live the whole life with splendour. You can’t imagine the salary of a Google employee because they pay in Crore to the fresher also. But there is a one man who left a well-paying job at Google just to sell samosas. Even though people called him mad but when they know that his company’s first-year turnover is Rs. 50 lakh so, they need to change their opinion. This man is the CEO of The Bohari Kitchen, Mr Munaf Kapadia.

Munaf writes his own profile that I’m the man who left the job at Google just to sell samosas. But the famous thing of his samosas that they are famous in Mumbai’s five-star hotels and in Bollywood.

Early Life Of Munaf Kapadia

He is an MBA and did jobs for many companies then he moved out of the country. After many interviews in foreign, he got a job in Google. After many years doing a job at Google, he thought that he can do more than this job. He returns home with a new business idea and named it The Bohari Kitchen.

When He Begin

Munaf lives in a middle-class society but the level of the idea he thought has difficult to get customers in that society. So, as an experiment, he invites his 50 friends through E-mails for dinner/lunch.

Now Munaf has a restaurant in Mumbai. Munaf said his mom has used to watch T.V most of time. She loves to watch cookery shows, so, she made good food. Then Munaf thought that he takes help and tips from his mom and open a food chain. Then he plans to open a restaurant and he feds to some people made by his mom. And everyone appreciated that. It is enough motivation for Munaf.

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The Bohari Kitchen

Munaf kapadia

Munaf sells not only samosas but this is the trademark of his company. Actually, he belongs to a Daudi Bohra community where food dishes are very excellent like Mantan samosa, Nargi’s kabab, Dabba gosh, Kadhi chawal etc. He serves these dishes in his restaurant. The Bohari kitchen is famous for Bohari thal, Matan samosa, Nargi’s kabab, Dabba gosh, Kadhi chawal etc. He also serves Kima samosa and ran, these are high in demand. Yet the restaurant opened only before one year and the turnover is Rs. 50 lakh. He plans to increase the turnover to 3 to 5 crore in further years.

Munaf is the CEO of his company but this CEO means Chief Eating Officer. Every person loves the Bohari kitchen so, the restaurant is always full of customers. And people wait in a line to eat in his kitchen.

Yet Munaf delivers only in Varli area, Mumbai but for further years he wants to expend more restaurant in other areas. Munaf gives all credit to his mom because without her it is not possible.

Munaf Kapadia In Forbes List

The name of Munaf is famous like Forbes added him to his list of under 30 achievers. 

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