Every school going student have a dream to become a businessman, CEO, doctor, scientist, and so on. In order to achieve their dreams each of uses different fields like Non-Med, Commerce, Arts, and Medical. We all know Chartered Accountancy is one of the most difficult studies in India as well as in the world. But did you know why most of the students failed in CA? I mean I know you know that it’s a thumb rule “if you study, you will pass”.

But do you know why a student passed his CPT with good marks than failed in CA IPC or FINAL?

If we want to understand this aspect then we should go through the all other aspects. Here I’m going to tell you about my story why I failed in CA. I thanked Sarcastic CA who gave me a chance to share my story.

My Story

Let’s go back to 11th or 12th standard when everyone is thinking about their further studies. I decided to do CA in the mid of my 12th class when my cousin visited my house and told me about Chartered Accountancy. She does not tell me about the failure rate or passing rate she just told me that its best option in commerce and has a huge potential for jobs or your own business.

That time I never think about failing or passing. I have one thought in my mind that I need a good career and have to be a CA. I cleared my CPT in the first attempt then enter into IPC all going well but only for 2.5 months. I made a friend in IPC who also cleared his CPT with me. But after our friendship all going wrong in studies with both of us. I not mean that he is a bad friend or I am a bad person but the thing is we spent more time in fun activities rather than studying.

We start listening to the people who stuck with many attempts. They always said that it is a total marsh field only few can clear this, even toppers were failed and change their fields into B.com or anything else.

We always say it does not matter to us, but frankly speaking, we start feeling afraid from the corner of the heart. And start creating interest in other fields. I start reading computer programming, then I always sit in front of the computer and did programming rather studying IPC. My interest in CA is like over. It’s not because I can not study because of too many social networks like Facebook, Instagram who distract me but it is because I lose my interest in CA and create in computer programming.

The reason is that of those who always say CA is a marsh only few can do. I start feeling uncomfortable about my career in CA and comfortable in computer programming. “The words have great potential to motivate someone or demotivate some”.

Hence, I failed in the first attempt of IPCC, not because I didn’t pass, it’s because I never even sit in the exam room I skip my all exams. I told my mother a myth that I cleared my IPCC. She was very happy. But the real bad time starts from now because my mother started asking me why you did not yet join the Articleship but how can I told her without even clearing the IPCC I can’t move forward a single step. The pressure of joining the Articleship is increased day by day then I again told her a myth that I start final coaching of four subjects before Articleship so she calms down but the things are yet not changed. I start working hard on my computer programming more and more.

So, I can convince my mum to skip CA but I did not have enough time to do anything, all I have to do it in 6 months because a four subjects coaching is not more than it. But things still same in 6 months just learn to programme. I can’t find even a single job. I feel more fear than failing in CA. I lose my all hopes. I feel die is the single door that is left. I skip all things and try to study for the second attempt but the time had not left yet. I have only 10 days to study IPCC but again.

I skip all the exams, and I failed again. I start avoiding everyone even my mum, friends, and the whole world just tried to leave alone.

One day one of my friends had been gone Canada for his further studies. So, I also decided this so, I can run away from all these failures. I convinced my mum and joined the Ielts coachings for the paper. Now everyone friends, neighbor, relatives I mean everyone starts taunting me like “humne to pahle he bola tha terese nahi hoggi ab bhi toh chodi” I am like what the hell. I stopped my IELTS coaching and visited my sister’s house for peace. I spent 12 days there without a phone, computer, friends, and other people.

I just thought about where I am wrong after 12 days and 2 F****** attempts of IPCC I realize I am wrong in the beginning. Why I listen to those people? I came back to my house and start studying my IPCC.

Now, I am preparing for my IPCC my next attempt is on May,18 it’s my 3rd attempt. Still, those people are around me told me the same thing but I feel like a joke I just smile ran away because I experience all these things in my past. No, any words can defeat me. I believe I can clear my IPC in this attempt.

At last, never trust anyone’s words more than your heart your feelings, whether they are true or false because you can conquer anything you want. But the thing is you must need it.

Thanks to those people who read my Why I failed In CA. And thanks to Sarcastic CA they publish my story.


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