Most of the time I was thought that how to increase concentration on studies, like what is the science behind, that a student can focus on studies for the longest time. Well, I watched many videos and read books behind it. So, I’m trying to discuss some of the main tips to increase concentration power. Let’s Begin

However, I searched a lot but every time I found the same question, “why you are studying”. I think this question can give you the motivation to succeed in the studies. This question clears your all doubts that why you can’t concentrate on studies.

Like I have interest in to inspect the businesses, companies so, that’s why I’m in chartered accountancy. I need to study chartered accountancy if I want to become an auditor. I’m trying to say is everybody has some reason for study or what they doing. You eat food because you are hungry or you want to taste that food, every decision we take has a reason. So, find that reason because it is the biggest motivation in this whole universe. If you found that reason you need not read articles in your life.

On the other side if still, you can’t find the reason and still want to concentrate on studies. I have some other tips:

Suppose you are alone in a desert, where no food, no water,  and you are tired, hungry, you are trusty, and you are restless. I’m asking you a question, How are you feeling at that time? Let me tell you. The only thing you have to feel and do is try, focus on how to stay alive. Feel the Exact same feeling before the study. Think you are the only one in your family whose whole family depend. If you do not study your family lose their hopes, dreams etc…

Actually, you need to watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari. I watched it 100s of times. You will understand what I’m trying to say….. This video is in Hindi

  • Meditation: Do meditation for at least one minute before going to study. This motivation means to think about your goal for a minute. You can do anything with meditation even you break the concrete with your hands but this is none of our business. I just explain you the power of meditation.
  • Yoga: Yoga is the best to increase the power and time of your concentrate. Take a 30 minutes break in the morning and do yoga.

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