How To Get Articleship In Big 4

How To Get Articleship In Big 4: This question comes in mind of every CA Student after clearing his / her IPCC. Every CA student have dream and to get articleship in Big 4, to attach their self with the biggest brands in field of Chartered Accountancy. The question is how to get articleship in big 4? But not everyone get this opportunity, the procedure to how to get articleship in Big 4 pretty much hard for a student.

In CA, a student must do his or her 3 years of articleship traning under an qualified Chartered Accountant or an Chartered Accountancy firm. A CA student must complete his / her 2 years of articleship under any CA or firm and last that is 3rd year he or she can go for industrial training. Industrial training is optional student can continue normal traning or go for industrial training, it totally upto student (what he or she want to do in future). But first 2 years are mandatory to spend under CA.

Basically, CA industrial training means student can choose any firm or company where he or she is interested like if I want to go in Taxation then I will choose a Taxation firm or company for industrial training. But it requires permission from the previous Chartered Accountant or firm. Read more from ICAI website in the following categories for industrial training:

  • ICAI BoS for articleship training and;
  • ICAI website’s notice board

Now, How to get articleship in Big 4

Getting articleship in big 4 is not very hard as most of the people think. But Big 4 needs strong people who can solve any problem within the time limit. Priority always given to rank holders. So, if you have a rank in CA-IPCC than you have an advantage to get articleship in big 4.

Second, believe it or not graduation is matters. Not only graduation but from a well reputed college like SRC. If you are one of them who have graduation degree then you have an another advantage.

Third, you must complete your CA-IPCC in single attempt or at least clear your both groups because they want their articles should focus on work not on exams.

Last, All big 4 firms including KPMG, Delloite, PwC, and EY have their own procedure to shortlist students for articleship. But one who is smart enough rather than just eating books, can get without any doubt!

Ways to How to get articleship in big 4


There are many ways one can get articleship in big 4 but first and formost, thing is “Reference”. Without reference might be rankholder is not get. Yes it is true, reference is very important to get articleship in big 4. It plays an very imprtant role but first let me clear the meaning of reference. Reference does not mean to know a person who is working under the roof of big 4 firms because there are thousand of employees working under their roof. Student need strong reference from a person who plays an crucial role in firm.

But if you do not have strong reference, then you can approach to that person whom you know and who is working in big 4. He or she can help to move your CV to higher level.

External reference also works to get articleship in big 4, if someone who is client of big 4 or one who is working in client’s firm. Than he or she can help you there because any business not only big 4 never wants to annoy their customers or clients. External reference can also plays very important role.

But remember this thing also. In Big Fours, almost 80% articles who get selected off campus have an approach, so having an approach is not everything. Ensure that you get the call for the interview, do your best in it(Aptitude test of Big 4s is not that easy.

2) Email Them

Not everyone has reference for those this could work. Try to email them not try, just email them. Send your CV not more than 2 pages. Design it uniquely not like a typical essay or letter. Type your all strengths, your marks, your abilities, and all material stuff. Because they’ll call you if you impress them in your Resume!

3.) Directly go to their office

Once you send your email, then do this step but remember if they reject you by just viewing your email or CV then do not try this because its more like irritating. Go to next, their are three firms still pending.

If they replied your email than they will call you for an interview or other things but if they do not reply than directly go to their office don’t feel shy it’s about your future (puchne me kya jaAta hai), ask to the reception and tell them that you want to do articleship here. He or she will give you an overview about all things or they give you an telephone number or email or form, where you can apply for that.

4.) Be in yourself
They also test your confidence, your response if put in dilemma, your problem-solving approach, your attitude, general awareness about things happening around you, etc.

Do not pretend yourself that you are very smart and someting like you are super genius. They have a lot of experience than you to judge a people whether he or she is a real or fake. So, be in yourself at interview!

I hope you like this article how to get articleship in big 4 and ways to get articleship in big 4. If you have any problem and suggestion then feel free to ask in comments. And if like this article and need more information like this then join our team or join us on Facebook.

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