How It Feels To Date A CA Student | Benefits Of Dating A CA Student

I am quiet bored with writing informative things, althoughΒ how it feels to date a CA Student or benefits of dating a CA Student is actually an very informative question because it’s very rare in this highly pressured world a CA Student is dating someone (if he or she does, we CA Students call them legends πŸ˜‚). So, this article is neither related to study nor to someone kind of CA thing. It is totally dedicated to our (CA Students) and for someone who wants to date a CA Student.

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How it feels to date a CA Student And Benefits Of Dating A CA Student

Well, actually there is no any difference between CA Student or a normal person (how it feels to date a CA Student). But there are some things which differs the feelings to date CA Student and between a normal person. If you want to date a CA Student than you might face some of these things:

  • A student do not recognise any other month on calendar except May and November because they (we) have huge kind of interest in these two months rather then the whole year! 😁
  • A month before exams that is April or October, a CA Student never came across to anyone, because they (we) have to change the history (jo pichle kuch saalo or Mahino se nahi hua, vo ab hoga 😍).
  • If you are a late person, I mean you reach every station lately, don’t worry CA Students have huge potential to wait someone for a long time, because they (we) are waiting for our CA degree since 12th standard.
  • If you believe in long term relationships, CA Students are the best people for you (ye likhne ke baad mujhe assa laga ke Mai kisi CA Student ke rishte ki baat kar raha hu πŸ˜‚). Because they (we) choose as our career as a CA and even we know, it will take huge time but we all believe in long term nature things.
  • If you need a financially secure future then CA Students have 99.9999% secure future (if they clear their CA as well). They will secure their relationships also.😘
  • If you need a person who loves you to the end, as he or she loves you in the beginning then feel free. Because CA Students learnt consistency very well in Accounting standards πŸ˜‚. Consistency, is all about CA Student, they loves you till death, so, don’t worry at all.
  • Are you worried about your tax then feel free they will all managed by them and you never end up by paying extra money, because they have special discounts for their partners (just kidding, they do it for freeπŸ˜‚).
  • If you need an commitment, then there is no issue because they are committed to books, committed to family, and of course committed to you 😍
  • Honesty and truthfulness, don’t worry about these things. If he or she says I love you forever, believe that. Because they never say those words which they can’t prove
  • Cheating, they never even think about cheating in exams thanks to lack of time 😐
  • They have a never say die attitude! Of course, after giving attempts after attempt, they inculcate the art of never giving up (via quota)
  • All in all, if tax and account fails them, they fails fails on you 😘 (via quora)

Other Benefits Of Dating A CA Student that society cares!

  • If you’re hanging out with CA student, people (pados waale) never think you are dating in fact they think you are asking some study related query 😊 and you will never caught
  • It will increase your moral and overall attitude that you are dating someone who is intelligent 😁
  • They will teach you great lession about patience. Thanks to ICAI (attempt pe attempt)
  • Nobody will make fool of you at restaurants or in some kind of taxes, because they knows better than the owner πŸ˜‚
  • They will teach you never give up on something again thanks to ICAI (attempt pe attempt) ☺

After looking theseΒ benefits of dating a CA studentΒ you probably might thought, (ab to koi CA he chahiye) then do share this article with your friends…! 😁,

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