Well, Chartered Accountancy is more than enough to get a handsome salary paying job or to start your own business. If you ask anyone the same question then he/she always give you the same answer that CA is sufficient. You may saw on the list job’s requirement that a person should be CA and additional qualification is an advantage. Nowadays more and more people try to gain additional qualification after their courses or degree that same trend has now adopted by Chartered Accountant. Well, it does not give any harm. It shows that the potential of every person towards study and education has been increased from the past five to seven years. So, we decided to look at some foreign study opportunity for CA.

A lot of people asking this question that what are the foreign study opportunities for CA. Well, there are lots of courses and degree a CA can do but I researched a lot and find the five most popular and beneficial courses for CA in foreign.

Foreign Study Opportunities For CA


1.) Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

This is the first Foreign Study Opportunities For CA and I think most of the people might be heard about CPA but they do not know what is this or how it works. CPA is an American Certified Public Accountant, in other words, CPA is an American Chartered Accountant like Indian CA. These days more and more people go to CPA after qualified as Chartered Accountant.

To become a CPA in the United States a person should be a qualified Chartered Accountant. the candidate must sit for and pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (Uniform CPA Exam), which is set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and administered by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). The CPA designation was first established in law in New York State on April 17, 1896. Nowadays, more Indian firms likely prefer first who is a CA as well as CPA. But talks apart Big 4 and other international firms give more jobs opportunity to them. Because competition has been increasing now day by day.

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2.) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) [Foreign Study Opportunities For CA]

Another Foreign Study Opportunities For CA. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional program offered by CFA-America to worldwide. This course has a broad range of topics like investment managementfinancial analysis, stocks, bonds, and derivatives, and provides a generalist knowledge of other areas of finance. Basically, it is totally based on money.

If a person wants to invest in the stock market or to open his own firm related to stock market or finance, then go ahead this is the most suitable course for you. This program also running in India as CFA manged by CFA-India. The topics are almost 99 percent same to the CFA-America. But it has two differences that are if you do American CFA you mostly learned about the American Stock Market, Investment, finance, and all American financial environment but in Indian CFA, you learned these things about India. And second and the last difference is you get a chance to live life in America, to meet new people, etc.

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3.) Certified Internal Auditor (CIA-USA) [Foreign Study Opportunities For CA]

The Certified Internal Auditor Program conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors – USA. With this qualification, you’ll be an expert in the field of Internal Audit. CIA Students can appear for exams from their home country through CIA exam centers located in different parts of the world. There is no need to visit the USA for the exam. Basically, it is an online exam and you can give exam anytime during the year. But more or less if want to do this course in the USA and have enough money then go ahead.

4.) Australia And New Zealand Chartered Accountant [Foreign Study Opportunities For CA]

It is almost similar Indian Chartered Accountancy, one should do three years of practical training to become an Australian and New Zealand Chartered Accountant same Indian CA’s Articleship. But the thing is you must go with these below steps:

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI India) members who live in Australia or New Zealand can apply for reciprocal CA membership if they meet the following requirements:

Living in New Zealand

ICAI India members living in New Zealand must first apply for provisional CA membership. To become a provisional CA member you need to:

  • Be a full Associate member of ICAI India in good standing who completed ICAI India’s professional program; and
  • Be currently living and/or working in New Zealand; and
  • Hold a recognized Bachelor’s degree comparable to an NZ/AU Level 7 Bachelor’s degree; and
  • Completed approved study in NZ Business Law

To become a full CA member you need to:

  • Pass the NZ Taxation and Capstone modules of the CA Program, within two years of the first enrolment; and
  • Maintain your ICAI India membership; and
  • Provide a Mentors Final Report verified by a Chartered Accountant ANZ CA member or a member of a recognized GAA body confirming the completion of at least two years (full-time equivalent) post admission practical experience in NZ or India and attainment of all CA ANZ Logbook competencies. (if admitted to ICAI India membership pre 1 Jan 2006)

Living in Australia

ICAI India members living in Australia do not need to apply for Provisional CA membership. To become a full member you need to:

  • Be a full Associate member of ICA India in good standing who completed ICA India’s professional program; and
  • Be currently living and/or working in Australia; and
  • Hold a recognized Bachelor’s degree comparable to an NZ/AU Level 7 Bachelor’s degree; and
  • Pass the Capstone module of the CA Program, within two years of the first enrolment; and
  • Maintain your ICA India membership.

The whole process is too much complicated but if want to do this go ahead and if are looking for best Foreign Study Opportunities For CA. Then read the fifth course that is Australian CPA.

5.) CPA – Australia [Foreign Study Opportunities For CA]

This is most suitable course instead of doing Australia And New Zealand Chartered Accountancy. Because you can take a step forward in terms of qualification. Let me explain to you why? Because in Australia And New Zealand Chartered Accountancy you will do the same course which you have done India. So, it is better to gain additional course instead of repeating the same course. To become Australian CPA you have to do these steps:

  • The member in good standing with ICAI and not currently subject to any disciplinary sanctions or investigations.
  • The person did not gains entry to ICAI through any another mutual recognition agreement.
  • The Person should have successfully completed: the ICAI exams and the ICAI practical experience requirements.


The person holds a university degree recognized by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training as being at least equivalent to Australian bachelor degree level. This will be determined during the verification of your application or have at least five years’ work experience in professional accounting.


More and more this is a simple rule of thumb the more you gain, the more you do. It is better to get an additional qualification. So, these are the best Foreign Study Opportunities For CA. But it will take time the choice is yours, what you want to do another degree or practical experience.

I hope you find what you are looking for. If you have any kind of question then feel free to post in below comments I will be more then happy to help you there..!!!

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