Everybody wants to be a rich person in their life but only some of us have the courage to one of the richest people. Or in other words, everyone has the courage to be the rich person but they don’t have the perfect mindset to be that one. Rich people rich doesn’t because of the money, or a well-running business or any kind of investment. They are rich because they have perfect mindset to execute their ideas, thinking in a way that makes them rich. If you also want to be rich then check yourself in this article at which side you belong. Well, let’s continue to the article Difference Between Rich & Poor People.

Rich & Poor People

1.) Money: Let I’ll explain you with an example. There are 2 poor persons, both want to be rich. On a day both win a lottery of $100,000. The first person spends his all money in purchasing a house, a car I mean all rich things that a rich people have. But the second one spends his all money to building a business or invest that money in shares or any other business that create money for him. After one year the 1st one has no money in hand because he wastes his all money to live a luxury life. However, he is rich for that year but after spending his all money he becomes a person which he is before such a year. And the second one has created his assets and wealth, whether he was poor for that year but after that one year, he has his all money plus some more assets or money which he was invested.

Well, this is the biggest reason why some people become rich and some remain poor. Poor people mind always leads him to feel the temporary pleasure but a rich mindset always think and concentrate on the future. A rich mindset always spent his money efficiently and effectively that makes him always rich not for some time. You can read about Warren Buffet, he is the 3rd richest person on the earth. He still has a house and lives there which he purchase around 30 to 40 years back when he was not rich like today. He never wastes his money in these extra things. He says if you purchase those things which you don’t need, A day will come when you need to sell which you need. 

2.) Time: A rich person has a perfect timetable for their work but a poor person don’t have. A rich person never wastes their time in extra and meaningless things or to gain some temporary happiness like watching T.V, always playing. A person uses every single minute in meaningful work. But whereas a poor people spend his all-time in extra meaningless work.

3.) Thinking: A poor person always thinks about to lives better a life, cars, house etc… But a  rich mindset always focuses on his work that makes him rich. He always thinks a step forward than the poor person. A poor person never takes the risk, always afraid and always tensed. If he gets a job of $10,000, he never tries more it is sufficient for him. But a rich person always satisfied with his work and always hungry to do more work. He never afraid in his life to take the risk because he knew that without taking the risk, he never rich.

A poor person always thought someday he will be rich but a rich person always work to reach that one day. A poor person always believes in luck that someday a person lifts him up, but a rich mindset always believes in himself and trying to lift others.

4.) Speed: A poor person always slows in their work never do more. If he is in a job, he always thought that when will he go home and take rest. But a rich person takes action quickly so, that he gets more work to do. If he is in a job his mind always trying to find a way that he got more opportunities.


Poor people have big T.V and rich people have bog library.

So, we discuss the difference between rich and poor people, what a rich & poor people think, what they do with their money, how a rich & poor people spend their time.

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