Cole Hamels is an American professional baseball pitcher. In this article, we included the Cole Hamels net worth, Cole Hamels salary per annum, Cole Hamels house, and cars, Cole Hamels contracts, and his short biography.

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Cole Hamels Net Worth 2019

Cole Hamels net worth is $60 Million in 2019. As he turns 34 his income/salary are also growing. He debuted into the major league only in 2006.

While in high school, he dragged the notice of various scouts because of his 94 mph fastball. However, he broke his arm during his sophomore year, and interest in the young player disappeared. Though, he bounced back rather sitting and drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2002.

Cole Hamels Contracts

Cole Hamels Contracts are basically with a single team. In 2009, he was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies for a three-year contract of $20.5 million. To prevent intervention, the Phillies signed him for one year contract of $15 million in January 2012. By July of the same year 2012, he accepted for a six-year contract of $144 million extensions with the Phillies. The contract also includes a $24 million vesting option in 2019.

He played for the same team since then!

Cole Hamels Salary

Cole Hamels is earning a salary of $22 million. Over the past few years in Cole Hamel’s earnings as well as net worth are jumped to like 30 to 40 percent because of his new contract with Philadelphia.

Cole Hamels House And Cars

Cole Hamels House and cars are included in his net worth. Cole Hamels house is situated in Newtown. Newtown Township is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. He bought this Luxury Home in 2014. Estimated Value of this Real Estate property around $6 Million.

Cole Hamels Biography

Colbert Hamels was born on December 27, 1983. He is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball (MLB). He previously played for the Philadelphia Phillies from 2006 to 2015, and the Texas Rangers from 2015 to 2018.

His full name is Colbert Michael Hamels!

The Disclaimer

The sources of this report are well-researched and not fake. The actual earnings and net worth of Cole Hamels may differ because this is an estimate. However, the difference is minor.

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