About Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)

Ajey Nagar was born on June 12, 1999. He is an Indian YouTuber his channel name is “CarryMinati”. Where he upload roasting and reaction videos.

Ajey was started uploading videos (or I can say his YouTube career) at very young age. He used to upload videos of his football trick and skills but he didn’t get enough views and fame from those videos.

So, after that he was started uploading Game plays with his commentary on channel named as Addicted A1 but still he was not growing. Later on, he started roasting (rants) of other people with his game play videos. This was the turning point of his YouTube career, where he got the name, fame, and of course views & subscribers.

About Channel “CarryMinati”

When started making rant videos, his channel name was Addicted A1. On one fine day, he asked his subscribers about his channel name, someone suggests “Minati”, he modify the word Minati into “CarryMinati” and changed his channel name from Addicted A1 to CarryMinati.

Most of the people relate his name with Illuminati because add the word Minati. Some people even said he sold his sole to devil. (I mean how can people make their decision without even knowing the fact, he was only 17 years old at that time [I don’t believe in “Illuminati”])

Carry is known for being against YouTube pranksters, rap, and reaction channels (but actually he is not). He roast almost every weird rap (that what people called them).

After CarryMinati, a lot of new people started roast channels but not everyone is famous like him.

Biggest Turning Point

His channel was almost 40k, when he roast the biggest YouTuber of India Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines). After this roast his channel started growing rapidly without taking a break and he reaches 100k within a month (Almost). But a lot of people didn’t saw his talent and started hating him because he roast the biggest YouTuber of India. And also because this concept was new for most of the Indian YouTube viewers, they never seen this before.

But somehow people realize he was not hating Bhuvan Bam, he just made friendly roast on him. Even Bhuvan appreciate his roast on him.

After that, he never look back and started improving his video and content quality day by day.

CarryMinati Controversy

CarryMinati is a roast channel so as like the other YouTubers who make roast and rant videos started receiving copyright strikes from those whose video were roasted by Carry. His channel received three copyright strikes from Bhim Narula (Nepali Singer) and Baap of Bakchod (they are pranksters) after Carry roasted their videos. Ajey has also encountered copyright strike from Renowned Indian Singer Baba Sehgal and by the YouTube channel THE NERDY GANGSTERS. He received threats from video creators whom he roasted in the past.

YouTube send him an notice that your channel will be taken down within a week because he got 3 copyright strikes and in YouTube 3 copyright strikes means death unless and until the striker remove their strike(s).

But with support and people’s love one of the copy striker remove his strike from Carry’s channel his channel went back on the track.

Stats (As on 23rd May 218)

Facebook: His Facebook page has 430,795 likes with 438,978 followers.

Twitter: More than 554k followers with 45 followings.

Instagram: More than 638k followers with 81 followings.

YouTube: He has 2 channels on YouTube as on date. The first one is “CarryMinati” and the second one “Carry is live” where he only play video games with live streaming.

CarryMinati has 3,249,738 subscribers with more than 356,914,510 views. He started his channel on 30 Oct 2014. According to social blade he is the B+ total grade on YouTube with 1352nd subscriber rank.

A part from that his videos has 5,195th view rank. Social Blade rank his channel on 5881st. In last 30 days his channel got more than 18,766,434 views with 2.2% increment and 189,528 subscribers with 7.2% downfall in comparison to previous month.

According to social blade his monthly earnings are $4.7K – $75.1K and $56.3K – $900.8K yearly estimated earnings. But that’s not the truth, as we already mentioned in our previous article on Amit Bhadana that social blade only count earnings on the basis of USA and UK CPC rate which is very high in comparison to India. So, nobody can tell the actual earnings of Ajey except him.

Carryislive: has 555,611 subscribers with 180 video uploads. This channel has more 41,239,322 video views with 53,234th video rank. His second channel has B grade on social blade with 13,907th subscribers rank.

In past 30 days, this channel got more than 4,561,950 (10.7% increment) video views and 54,026 (7.3% up) subscribers. 

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