It’s just a few years that Cardi B has monumental success and it’s easy to forget how her entire life changed. She went from raking up dollars in the strip club to counting much-much larger bags from performing all over the world. In this article you’ll find Cardi B net worth 2109, Cardi B real name, and some interesting and weird things about her.

Who is Cardi B

Cardi B is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was on October 11, 1992 at The Bronx, New York City. She become an Internet sensation and celebrity when she posted several videos on Vine and Instagram.

cardi b childhood | Cardi B real name

About Cardi B

Cardi B real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar
Cardi B Net Worth 2019 $8 Millions
Cardi B Age 26
Cardi B Birthday October 11, 1992

Cardi B Net Worth 2019

In a now iconic episode of Carpool Karaoke, she told James Corden that she own five cars including; an orange Bentley truck that’s worth around $300k, a Buck, a Suburban, a Lambo truck, and of course a matching Lambo with her husband and fellow superstar offset.

cardi b cars
Cardi B with her husband Offset in with matching lambo

She recently bought her mom a dream house that she always wanted.

But how much she actually worth? What is Cardi B net worth? Well, in 2017 Cardi B net worth was estimated five million dollars and now it is 2019 Cardi B net worth 2019 rose to $8 million.

Interesting fact: But with her Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, the success of her fashion oval line, and her 2019 residency in Vegas, we can only guess that she may reach 8 figures by the end of 2019.

cardi b pepsi super bowl commercial
Cardi B pepsi super bowl commercial

Insider reports also shows that Cardi B net worth grew from $400k in January 2016 to $1.5 Million in just over a year and after the success of Bode AK yellow, which now certified seven times platinum, her riches kept growing in a rapid pace.

Now, recently Cardi B posted a video on Instagram that how much money she has to spend and also how much she paid for the taxes.

Cardi B interesting facts

But all of this didn’t happen overnight. She grew up in Highbridge neighbourhood of South Bronx with her sister Hennessy and her two parents. Her mom was a cashier and her dad was a taxi driver but because of how much time she spent on her grandmother’s house in Washington Heights she developed a thick accent.

She worked at Amish Supermarket in lower Manhattan until she was fired for giving her co-worker a pretty large discount. But the manager didn’t take it personally and actually the one who recommended that Cardi child a new career option. When speaking on the incident Cardi says:

He was like, “You’re so pretty, you got a nice body. He told me to go across the street to New York Dolls, the strip club. That’s when I started stripping.”

Cardi B started heads on Instagram and it wasn’t because of her appearance but rather because of what she had to say, she would provide women with wisdom and relationship advice. And her popularity on Instagram landed her a spot on Love & Hip Hop New York, where her personality along with talent displayed on to mixtapes landed her a deal with Atlantic Records.

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