The exams are coming near day by day not only IPC exams but also Finals. Every day the situation is going more and more difficult for us (CA Students). Because of the examination the every day the heartbeat starts faster and faster. To tackle this do or die situation I make a perfect study plan for the examinations. So, let’s start CA Intermediate IPC One Month Study Plan. 


CA Intermediate IPC One Month Study Plan

Well, morning is the very crucial time of our whole day, a proverb is said by our elders when some problem arises or in some difficult situation that is “Pata Nahi Subha Subha kiski shakal dekhi thi pura din kharab ho gaya” So, as same as in our CA life if we study well in our first class than mostly the whole day were doing well even more than expectations.

You need to try to learn difficults subjects in the morning because of the time 4:00 to 8:00 when nobody irritates you, no any friend call you, no any Gali ka friend call you to hang out in the market and so on. Everywhere only peace and peace. Choose the most difficult subject at that time. So you can simultaneously concentrate on that subject.


The noon some person has a habit of sleeping (I’m also one of those people who sleeps in noon time). Because I tried to read theory subjects frankly speaking my every effort to read books in the noontime had failed because they are very boring. So, I decided to change the subjects with practical subjects and these efforts shows me results.


A great time for reading tax because it is a mixture of theory as well as practical. Try to do Tax or subjects like a tax that is a mixture of theory and practical.


CA Intermediate IPC One Month Study Plan

Well, I think for every CA Student Good Night means “3 ghante padna or Abhi baaki hai”.  Do only practical subjects because night is not made for theory as most of the people say.

Major Thing You Should Remember While Studying For CA Intermediate IPC One Month Study Plan
  • Sleep two times a day, not three, not one just two. Because every time you wake up there is a new day and a new fresh mind.
  • Don’t take the overdose, I mean don’t push yourself to study more than 3 hours continuously. Because every time you push yourself it means you can’t hold your concentrate and loosing the concentrate means not clearing the concepts. And your further hours will be badly affected.
  • Make 3 hours, 4 sessions in a day and one 1 hour session in the night to take the overall review of the whole day.

Detailed Plan For CA Intermediate IPC One Month Study Plan

4 to 7: Most difficult Subject like ITSM, Audit, and Law or as per your preference.

7 to 8: Rest + Breakfast + Naha bhi lena

8 to 11: Cost Accounting and Financial Management

30 Minutes Rest

11:30 to 2:30: Advanced Accounting

2:30 to 4:00 Sleep

4:15 to 7:15 Taxation

45 Minutes Rest

8 to 11 Practical Subjects like Accounts or the easiest subjects as per your preference.

then take a quick overview of the whole day for 1 hour.

Correct 12 to 4 sleep

then repeat this cycle up to 2nd November.

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