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Some people think that job is better than business, and some people say business is better than a job. Well, it actually depends upon your financial condition and of course the capability of your mind. Financial condition is the reason for the most of the people not doing business as they think but excuses me it not because your financial condition is weak, it actually because of your mind’s capabilities. Yes, I’m talking about those people who are doing a job and think I can’t do business because my financial condition is weak.

But the main reason behind their thinking is just they don’t have an idea to commence and they can’t take the risk and give the pressure of their mind like a pressure cooker. Okk, don’t think I’m demotivating you I’m just telling the truth if can’t believe on my words than ask yourself a question: If I have $100,000 and currently doing a job that pays you well like $25,000 a month then what would you do:

a.) Still, continue to the job or;

b.) Commence a business

Well, my answer always (b) because I never did any job in my past except 20 days after my 10th grades and never want to be on job because I need not to do a job. It ain’t that I have a strong financial background or I’m a son of a billionaire. It is because I don’t want to use my skills to make my boss(if I’m on job) a billionaire.

I’m not here to teach you how to commence a business and left the job well, I’m here to discuss some of the sh**** myths that people always thought to avoid the business. Do we include both factors i.e, why business and why job?

Once Steve Jobs(co-founder of Apple) Said ~ Your time is limited so don’t waste living someone’s else life.

Disclaimer: It is totally based on my theory which I love maybe you agree or disagree.

Let’s begin “Business is better or job | A Logic”

I don’t know why people always give reason to avoid business, but let me tell you business is like women. If you want to understand business then first you need to know women, always exciting, always risky, sometimes failures, sometimes profitable, sometimes difficulties, sometimes easy to handle, sometimes certain and sometimes uncertain. That is all about a business and women.

In a job, you face a lot of similar things as like business and lot of different things. Basically the main difference between job and business you get paid every month in a job but this is uncertain in business. Uncertainty in business is unspoken because you can’t tell what will you earn in next three months. Sometimes it gives a shock and sometimes it gives you a uncountable gift.

The main similarity between business and job is always difficult to start. I mean finding a perfect job and starting a new business is always similar to climbing Mount Everest. 

Business gives you more opportunity to shine your life not only in terms of money but also in terms of life experiences and it teaches you how to sell or buy.

  • Leadership: leadership is a crucial task in everyone’s life. You don’t know how and when you need to lead a team. It is similar to a job but in a job you have to lead a small team in your particular area like sales, marketing etc but in business, you have to lead your whole organisation whether it is sales, marketing, finance etc. You are the key person who takes the last decision.
  • Managing: Assume you have a business idea but lack of financial you can’t afford the employees to handle it. So, you are the boss and you are the employee, you have to manage all sales, purchases, marketing etc. Every time a big siren is blowing your head and your mind like a pressure cooker.  I mean this is a crazy thing but who love to do a business or want, they knew how much pretty it is!

All of above things you can do even in a job but in a business, everything is bigger whether it is siren, leadership, profit, loss, pressure, sadness, happiness I mean everything.

A person left his Google job just to sell samosas (an Indian food). You can read his story from here

Conclusion Of Business Is Better Or Job

Well, this is my point of view that a business is better than a job, so it is up to you where you want to go. You want a job or create for others. You want employment or give employment.

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