With the introduction of the new CA scheme, everything has been changed including books. In this article, we are mentioning 3 best law books for CA IPCC 2019.

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The review has been unbiased and taken from self-reading, past students, and other reviews.

1. ICAI Study material

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ICAI Law study material – best law books for CA IPCC

Believe it not ICAI material is still the first priority. The reason why most of the people don’t use the ICAI study material because they do not understand. Yes, this is the actual reason why most of the people don’t study from ICAI material (including me) and other reason their coaching institutes. They pretend their books are better than ICAI, even they copied the whole ICAI material.

If you are going for self-study than ICAI material is best for.

2. Corporate and other law book for CA IPCC by Munish Bhandari

If we are looking for the best books for CA IPCC, then how can we forget Munish Bhandari? Munish Bhandari is still one of the best authors for CA IPCC law book. His book’s don’t need any specification just his reviews, they said the complete story.

He is one of the best selling authors on Amazon and number one CA IPCC law book.

His book “A HANDBOOK ON CORPORATE AND OTHER LAWS FOR CA INTERMEDIATE (IPCC) NEW SYLLABUS BY MUNISH BHANDARI” is simplified the most of the concepts of CA IPCC law book by ICAI. This book is best with ICAI material if you want to self-study.

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3. Bharat’s Corporate & Other Laws for CA Inter [IPCC]

The next book in our list is Bharat’s corporate and other law book for CA IPCC by CS. Amit Vohra, CS Rachit Dhingra. This book has been suggested by past students. Bharat’s law book for CA IPCC is well structured with no confusion and it simplifies the CA module concepts.

This book has been written in traditional style with flow charts for better understanding. Best for self-readers!

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So, these 3 only books on our list for now. If we forget or you find any other book helpful as well, then feel free to share with us in comments. We appreciate your suggestion and support.! And we hope that you like this post and if you want more like this than join Sarcastic CA for future notifications or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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