After coming to the GST (Goods and Services Tax), we received a lot of questions regarding Best Books For GST CA-IPCC. We already suggest some books on our Facebook page but even after suggesting, the incoming of questions not yet stop. Might be we have less social reach in comparison our email subscribers. So, we decided to cover this topic on our website. We divide this topic into two parts in the first part we are going to cover Best Books For GST CA-IPCC and in next for CA-Final. But in future, we definitely try to publish a free ebook on GST for students.

A little disclaimer the views are totally unbiased we are not going to promote any seller or company or any teacher, the views are totally based on personal reading and on the best selling author rating till now. And also these below links for purchase are affiliate links. You can purchase these books for yourself but if you purchase from our links some commissions paid to us and it will boost our believe and confidence towards you, and it helps us to maintain our website efficiently. So, without wasting a single more minute let us look at some Best Books For GST CA-IPCC…!

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1.) ICAI Study Material And Practise Manual

You might think why I am suggesting this as you already know. But let me tell, my work is to guide you to the right point. Somehow after introducing the new syllabus into CA and GST, ICAI has changed his all things whether it is a book or the registration process. In past, ICAI study material and practice manuals which provide to the students are outdated when they reach students or if they are up to date than one month will be remaining for exams. In other words, you can say they are very slow. But now they are changed there selfs. At this time I think no any book author or teacher has that level of understanding in GST as the comparison to ICAI. Not only me suggesting people read this book but in fact most the well-known professionals and also some teachers.

ICAI Material has deeply introspected topics and chapters in a very simple language, not like old ones. If you never take any class you can cover and prepare for CA-IPCC GST exam in not more than two months from this book. I personally recommended this book if not want to spend money and want nice results.

2.) Bharat’s Handbook on Goods & Services Tax [GST]

If you are searching on Amazon “Best Books For GST CA-IPCC” than this book should be the first result. Frankly, first I did not read this book but my close friend bought this book and suggest me to read this book. After reading I can say this is one of the best books for GST. I am not sure how many pages this book, but I am sure this book will worth your price. The author of this book is CA. Pushpendra Sisodia. Currently, it is available for May and November 2018 Exams on Amazon. The book is only available in physical I mean paperback. Click here to buy this book.

3.) Summary Book GST (For Students of CA Intermediate or IPCC/ CWA Intermediate/ CS Executive)

This book is written by CA Nikhil Singhal an author from Amazon. This book has nice clarity of GST summary. One thing I strongly recommended to you that only this book do not clear your exam alone. I mean this book is not sufficient for exams. But this book is useful for quick go through like when you are traveling and want to study then this is the most suitable book for you. In order to get good results pick ICAI material with the book, this will show you the result. Because it was nicely written by the author to cover all GST syllabus in just like no time. Click here to buy this book.


Author of the book says all the things. This book is written by one of the best teacher Taxation M.K Gupta. I am pretty sure that every CA, CS, and CMA student knows who is M.K Gupta. I do not need to comment on this book. But this is my work I will definitely discuss the pros and cons of this book. First thing is that this book has covered more than just CA IPCC syllabus and it might be some difficult to you, to figure out what to read and what not to but I have a solution for that just pick ICAI material and mark the chapters in this book and start reading. Because all concepts and topics are deeply explained in this. One who want to gain deep knowledge of GST not for just exams but in fact for personal development or future reference then does not think too much just go with this book. This book has a very nice combination with ICAI practice manual. In order to gain exemption I personally recommend this book. Click here to buy this book.


I hope you get Best Books For GST CA-IPCC. If you have any suggestion related to books then feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to help you there..!!!

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