Krishna Singh a.k.a Bakchod Babaji is an Indian Youtuber with 100k + subscriber base. He is popular with his desi style roasting in India. Also, he is a Mechanical Engineer.

Early Life of Bakchod Baba ji

Krishna Singh was born on 13th November at Bareilly, UP. He completes his schooling from Woodrow Se. Sec. School at Bareilly. Later, he moved to Delhi, NCR. He completes his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at Delhi, NCR.


Bakchod Babaji

Krishna use to watch BB Ki Vines(Most popular youtube channel in India created by Bhuvan Bam). He get inspiration from BB Ki Vines that he can also do something alone. And then he begain.

He join youtube in May, 16 but start uploading videos in September, 16. He make videos in different categories like rapping, roasting, and gameplays. He get famous from his desi style roasting. Currently, he has 100k + youtube subscribers. From the past few months, he start a new type of roasting or we can say at next level, named as Diss Track which is people loved the most.

Bakchod Babaji v/s Mallika

Mallika is also a Indian Youtuber. She also used to upload videos in roasting category. Two months back(in Augt, 17) BBJ make a roast video on Mallika, first she was okk with that but after some days, she massaged BBJ to remove the video. Because of some reasons BBJ didn’t saw the massage and later on Mallika shoot a strike on BBJ’s youtube channel and than she makes a response video and showing that she is innocent. Then Bakchod Babaji make another as replying video to Mallika’s response video and strike but after this video she shoot another strike on Bakchod Babaji’s channel. Then Bakchod Babaji private his all videos to protect his channel from ban. As on date his channel has only one video.

2nd Channel of Bakchod Babaji

Krishna Singh(BBJ) create another youtube channel may be as back up named as Bakchod Bantaye. He used to upload same categories video with his friends. Bakchod Bantaye has 20k + subscribers.

He says about other youtubers

I cann’t campare myself with others because everyone has their own different talents, no one is same. And in childhood I read somewhere “Sabka bhala socho or sabke sath aage badho or India ka naam roshan karo”.

His channel says

I am just a non-certified youtuber. Struggle time hai sath dedo hamesha yaad rakhunga bhailog. Try hard to be f*** youtube silver play button soon..

Youtube is my love and 1 million play button is my crush.

Youtuber par chahe non-certified hu par mai Bakchod certified Ph.D holder hu..

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