Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2020 and Income From YouTube: Amit Bhadana is a famous Indian YouTuber, known for his desi comedy videos. The proper figure of Amit Bhadana’s net worth is not possible due to the lack of resources and he had never opened up about his earnings or wealth publically. However, based on the number of views he got every month during the last 1 year, we’ve calculated a monthly earnings range of his YouTube income is between $20.5k to $32.4k and 14,76,000 to 2,33,2800 in Indian rupees. So, based upon this range Amit Bhadana’s average monthly income from YouTube is estimated at $26.45k, which is 19,04,400 in Indian rupees.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth And YouTube Earnings 2020

Amit Bhadana Monthly Income From YouTube $26.45k (19,04,400 INR)
Amit Bhadana Annual Income From YouTube $314.4k (22,852,800 INR)
Amit Bhadana Birth 7 September 1991 (age 28 years)
Profession YouTuber (Comedy Skits)
Last Updated May 2020


As we mentioned that he has not made any public comment about his net worth or earnings from YouTube but we have estimated his monthly and yearly income-based upon the views he gets from YouTube. Moreover, he also earns from including sponsored content in his videos such as promoting apps. He promoted a language translation app called U Dictionary and several others.

Apart from YouTube, Amit has several other ways to earn like making public appearances in colleges. Contract details were always done behind the curtains. As a social influenced and loved by over 19.1 million people, he also uses his other social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote content by sponsor posts and movies promotions.

Amit Bhadana YouTube Stats

YouTube Subscribers 19.1 Million
Total Videos Views 1.4 Billion
Channel Started On Oct 24th, 2012
Total Videos 69
Last Updated May 2020


Amit started created his YouTube channel on Oct 24th, 2012 but started publishing videos on his channel from 1 Mar 2017. The first video he published on his channel named “Exams Be Like. Boards preparation be like,” the funny part he actually misspelled a word in the title, find out which?

However, the video went pretty well and now in 2020, it was more than 4.4 million views on YouTube.

Amit Bhadana First YouTube Video

In the last 30 days (2020-04-01 – 2020-04-30), Amit has gained over 300k subscribers on YouTube and over 20 million times his YouTube videos have been watched. Amit is quite popular mostly in the northern part of India, it is also because of the language he used in his videos is related to that region.

How Amit Bhadana Started Making YouTube Videos

In the very beginning, he started as a dubbing content publisher, dubbed several famous Bollywood movies’ scenes. His dubbed videos started getting viral on Facebook (at that time he was using Facebook to publish his videos) and get a huge positive response from the audience.

However, not every video was a success, and views at that time he was getting were pretty low as compared to today. Somehow, he didn’t stop and continued making videos.

Amit Bhadana Instagram
Amit Bhadana (Image: Instagram)

Then one fine day he dubbed the famous Bollywood movie of Sunny Deol, the video titled Sunny Deol Paaji Goes Desi On Diwali. And after this video, he never looked back. This video gets more than 3 million views on Facebook.

So, he started climbing the ladder of success but he was missing and completely happy with the work. He wants to do something that he owns and big. Then his friends suggested making his own comedy skits. The idea was quite good and trendy at that time, but he was not comfortable showing his face in videos than again his friends motivated him.

After getting some courage and confidence from his friends he started making his own comedy videos, he started making videos in Gujari language and got a huge positive response from the audience, mostly from the northern part of India.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth And Income From YouTube Growth

As he is gaining more subscribers on YouTube every day, it is expected that his YouTube earnings may not rise. Because the subscriber rate in the current period is lower than compared to the previous year in the same months.

Amit Bhadana YouTube Views Stats
Amit Bhadana YouTube Views Stats

Coronavirus is also the reason for that. Most of the YouTubers are not able to create videos as they were making before and this can make a huge impact on their numbers of views, as their earnings are totally based on the views they able to get on YouTube so, the income may face some downtrend as well.

After carefully studying his YouTube data we came to a conclusion about his YouTube income might go down by 16% to 22%.


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