After a long period of time, we finally configure out that we should start a business related website which can help people to learn more about business, the stock market, laws, and much more things. Sarcastic CA always tries to work ahead and build his empire with our respective viewers. And thankfully with the blessings of God and audience, we achieve our goals and objectives, somehow it takes some time but the actual thing is we always achieve them.

How We Found It? was founded on 7th of October 2017. We choose 7th to publish our website is because the founder’s mother birthday is on 7th January but he cannot wait until 7th January so, he decided to launch it on 7th but in October.

We are here is only because of our readers, we glad that we got viewers like you and appreciate our work. Yet we are not on number one but our main ambition to educate people in business, finance, the stock market, study, Chartered Accountancy, and much more that is the first and foremost objective of Sarcastic CA.

Things we have. The following things are included on our website:

  • GST – where you can gain all knowledge about Goods and Services tax in details.
  • Audit and Assurance – where you can found all topics related to the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS), about auditing, and accounting.
  • Stocks – Here you can view all news related to the companies and their stock prices, meetings, quarter results, annual results, and other related stuff.
  • Business – In our business category you can find topics related to business such as how to make money on the internet.
  • ICAI – Here you can find topics related to Chartered Accountancy like news, announcements etc.
  • People – In people category, you can find biographies and stories of famous business tycoons.
  • Logical – In this category, you can find topics related to what should we do, how to increase concentration power, what is the good option for me doing a job or start my own business and many more.
  • Your Story – This is the most famous category of our website basically it is running on our viewer’s contribution. In simple words, anyone can send their stories or life experience and share with us. We publish them on our website. So, one can motivate after reading your story.

And many other like net worth which shows you a particular celebrity’s or business tycoon’s wealth and other.

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